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[Tier 0] The OutsiderEdit

Outsiders are those who know next nothing of the Cartel except as a mysterious “Union” or as the shadowy criminal Syndicate working throughout Tyria. How they know of the Cartel comes from their status as either abiding the Laws of the Land or breaking them. People who abide the Law and know little of the Cartel’s existence; those that delve too much and try to run often face initiation into the organization, or the painful punishment of having their memories erased via a mindwipe.

What an Outsider May Know
  • Law-Abiding citizens would know of the D’Robert Social Club and Spa, a resort located near Hoelbrak. They may even know the business is hiring and might seek job opportunities there.
  • Criminals know that there are shady dealings going on in Hoelbrak and that something bigger is backing the plays. They know it is somehow connected to the club, and that enterprising types can make good coin working there.
  • Knowing too much as an outsider results in the Cartel seeking you out and Initiating you to keep an eye on you. To render this result you must do one of the follow:
  • Get hired by one of the Cartel Sect’s and not as an independent Contractor. Witness a secretive act of the Cartel such as selling a slave, drugging an enemy, any form of criminal act by a Cartelite, or event where the word Ashenfold is mentioned. Discovering Documentation detailing acts of the Cartel. Being told by an existing member about the Ashenfold and then the status of your knowledge becomes known outside their confidence. More ideas detail within the Initiation Guide.

[Tier 1] The Recruit and The ChainedEdit

The Recruit is person who has been Initiated by a Handler has come to expand their knowledge of the Cartel’s existence. They often serve as base workers for the Sects and often are free to work for various Sects as needed. Others may work for a particular Sect, but have yet fully joined it. The Chained are Cartel slaves who either serve as indentured servants or indebted property to a particular owner

What a Recruit Knows
  • Law-Abiding citizens know about the various activities and events of the Social Club, they know the Entente Tenets and are aware of the Sects as members of the Union.
  • Criminals know that the Cartel is much more than it seems and that something bigger is going on. They know the Tenets quite well and are often brought in on criminal operations by Cartel superiors to test their abilities.
  • In both matters Law-Abiding Citizens and Criminals both posses Cartel Amulets and are able to use the NiM: Network Information Matrix
What a Recruit Can Do
  • A recruit may join in active guild events and help to turn the tide of problems with the organization.
  • Recruits may begin to work on Initiating their character into the guild. A recruit can gain work in the Guild Businesses via the Chateau Occupation Request Thread.
  • Attend or start Events for roleplay.
Recruit Player Responsibilities
  • Contacting a Handler OOCly to get your character initiated. Review the forums and Rp with existing Sect members to gain an idea which one your character fits in. PM an officer when your bio has been approved.

[Tier 2] The CarteliteEdit

Normal members and standard workers for the Cartel are known as Cartelites. They often work in Cartel businesses while never truly knowing the full scope of the organization, in some cases under the lie that their place of work is nothing more than a local business. They are often directed and supervised by Officials in their chosen territory.

Having gained full membership within the Cartel, Cartelites often fully know the Entente Tenets, who their superiors are and of the general politics of the Cartel (if they so choose.) They know of the Sects and know what each does within reason. Knowledge of the Cartels illegal opportunities would be unknown to Law-Abiding members unless they have gone digging which would result in them Knowing too Much, a level of knowledge that generally prevents them from leaving the organization without massive repercussions (see level 4 punishments under Entente Tenets.)

For more information, review the Expanded Tier 2 Knowledge article.

What a Tier 2 Knows
  • The Crown is the Sect for Merchants and Politicians, the Spear is aimed at military and contractor work, and the Tome is focused on the Arcane and Old Knowledge.
  • Slavery is sometimes known to people who abide the Law.
  • All general illegal conventions are unknown to the Law-Abiding Cartelites.
Cartelite Player Responsibilities
  • Check your Sect IC subforums in Shades of Gray and your Sect OOC subforums in Tyrian Chronicles daily.
  • Get a hold of superiors for assignments and keep in Contact with Sect Officials, Legates and the Master.

[Tier 3] The OfficialEdit

They are the middlemen, and the supervisor chosen to execute the order of those from above. Officials often run the everyday operations of the Cartel while relaying commands from a Sect’s Master or the Legate of their chosen Allegiance. Powers of The Officials and Tier 3 Knowledge.

Official Player Responsibilities
  • Help to provide direction and give orders when a Legate is not online. Direct groups and begin operations when directed to by a Legate or the Master. Encourage communication In-Game and on the forums to provide greater access to information.
Manager (Official) Player Responsibilities
  • Help to provide direction for the Venture in question and communicate with the Administrator.
  • Hire people and provide a place for social roleplay.

[Tier 4] The LegateEdit

The Legates are the leaders of the departmental divisions of the Sects. Each is charged with overseeing various operations and business based upon the set of services and duties assigned to their Allegiance. Legates are charged with directing their Allegiance as per their Master’s orders and making sure their side of the Sect remains productive. Powers of The Legates and Tier 4 Knowledge

Legate Player Responsibilities
  • Using forums to and in game methods to communicate with members on a regular basis. 
  • Communicate with the Master on a regular basis to update knowledge of current Sect goals and agenda. Communicating with Officials to check status of Allegiance Projects or Operations. 

[Tier 5] The MasterEdit

The Master is the elected or appointed leader of one of the ruling Sects (The Spear, the Tome and the Crown) who come to together to form the Cartel’s leading Council. A Master is charged with not only leading their Sect, but also providing key resources, services and support for the other Sects when needed be as departmental heads of the Cartel. Masters are often respect and feared for the power they hold within the Cartel and also the sheer force of will required to lead a Sect. Powers of The Master

Master Player Responsibilites
  • Use forums to send out orders to give direction for the guild.
  • Appoint Legates and Officials to maintain the chain of the command in-character.
  • Act as manager of RP within their Sect and report plot ideas and Sect status to the Officer Team.
  • Must state In Character plans if the player will be absent for extended periods of time.
  • Decent level of activity in game and on the forums.
  • Make sure to back up any In-Game orders or edicts from your Master character on the forums to keep a proper record for the Rp Record.

[Tier 6] The GrandmasterEdit

The Grandmaster is the Master of Masters, the “King or Queen” of the Cartel. As an elected individual the power of the Grandmaster is based upon those who support them and their ability to gain backing from Cartel political factions called Societies. Charged with leading the entire Cartel as a unifying force of will, the Grandmaster often plays the game of power carefully lest they be removed from power. Grandmasters although elected, do demand much respect and power. For if they can rule the Cartel, even for a short bit they must surely be a person to be reckoned with. Actions made by the Grandmaster can be vetoed by the Council. Powers of The Grandmaster

Grandmaster Player Responsibilites
  • Use forums to send out orders to give direction for the guild.
  • Be in constant communication with Guild Officers.
  • Must act as a goal and agenda director for the entire Cartel at large.
  • Must appoint Administrators Legates, Officials to maintain Cartel efficiency and Structure.
  • Should be in constant communication with Society Leaders OOCly.

The Council of MastersEdit

While the Grandmaster is the titular leader of the Cartel the leading governing body, all major changes and edicts that affect the Cartel as a whole are passed by the Council, compromised of the Masters of The Crown, The Spear and The Tome. As a mixture of legislature and supreme court, the Council’s rulings are often final and can only be overturned by the Grandmaster. The Council meets once every thirty days.

Council RepresentativesEdit

These are members appointed to positions of power to oversee the greater bounds of the Cartel. In their chosen area they may exercise partial authority of a Legate. Council representatives are appointed by the Council or the Grandmaster. The following is a list of the Representatives of the Council.