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Player Details
Username Boann
Timezone PST
The Basics
Profession Ranger
Alias Bo
Date of Birth
Gender Female
Race Human
Ethnicity Ascalonian and Krytan
Faith Old gods
Patron God Melandru
The Spear
Allegiance The Steel Ring
Tier Rank 3

Boann is tall for a human female, curvaceous but very athletic and prides herself on being self-sufficient. Her shimmery cornsilk colored hair is often worn back in a braid for practical purposes and often there can be twigs and bits of brush and grass caught in it.

Boann was born in the Ebonhawk Stronghold and is a mix of Ascalonian through her father, Troy Leighton who gave her blue eyes and blond hair, and Krytan from her mother, Terezia, who gave her smooth skin that tans well. Both of her parents were warriors, her father a garrison commander and her mother a scout.

She has some scars from fights, healed puckered arrow scars though the shoulder and thigh from a resistance ambush while guarding a supply caravan through The Ruined Fields and Diessa Steppes. Other minor scars on her arms, and a two inch scar on the upper part of her ribs.

Although Bo is a dead aim with a bow, she is not a fighter in the usual sense. She has average abilities with a knife and very little with a short sword. She has to rely on her ability to get her enemy at range, and can be quite vulnerable in a melee situation where she depends on her pets to pull enemies away from her so she can dispatch them.

Although she is discovering that men find her attractive, she does not see herself in that way.


Boann out in the field doing her duty is a completely different young woman than Boann trying to socialize with people. In the field she is fierce, focused and completely at home with a bow in her hand; she will not hesitate to kill man or beast if the choice is between her life or theirs. She is resourceful, an extremely competent scout for the Spear and takes her work seriously. In the field she is hyper aware of her surroundings, probably why she is good at staying alive, and will use her white raven Blanca as her eyes in the sky.

As an expert survivalist, she can move quietly through any terrain without detection, can live off the land indefinitely knowing which plants are edible as well as being able to trap game. Be it in desert, snowy mountains or swamps, Boann is at home preferring the wilderness to the more populated cities. She understands her skills without emotions of pride or arrogance, she is what she is

In the city, Boann is a fish out of water. The crowds, the noises are all distracting and almost over whelming. Although she prefers the wilderness, she will often go into Divinity's Reach for a little human contact. But quickly that need is filled and she's back out in the far country where she feels most at home.

Despite what she does for a living, Boann feels a deep connection to nature and life and death and will never hurt an animal unless it is for food. Even the death of an enemy at her hands weighs heavily on her conscience. She is more at home elbow to elbow with fighters on a battlefield than with women she considers soft, although she secretly envies them and what she preceives is a life of ease, good food, warm baths and soft beds.

Boann does not use her last name Leighton, as she feels she has not earned the right to be a "Leighton". She is working through some issues regarding her thoughts if her father would approve of her life or not.

Character BackgroundEdit


The Spear.


Scout jobs mostly, it's where she shines in her abilities and other various jobs, whatever Talbous or Jona needs her to do


Her mother Terezia still alive living in Divinity's Reach. Her father Troy died in a centaur ambush and is buried in the Ebonhawk cemetary where Bo is known to go visit him and talk to him. Little sister Moreen died from fever at the age of 16.

Early LifeEdit

Boann and her younger sister Moreen, grew up running around the Ebonhawke Stronghold being babysited by various people while their parents were in the field. When her mother and father were almost killed in an ambush, the two parents decided to move their family to Queensdale and raise their children in safety.

Boann had an idyllic childhood tending their small apple orchard and vegetable garden. She would go with her Moreen and mother to the weekly farmer's market to sell their surplus food.

When she was nearly 18, she was betrothed to a neighboring farmer's son. Not long after her betrothal party, her father was asked to join the Seraph and the fight against the ever bold centaurs. After her father was killed in an ambush, her mother went on a downward spiral, further compounded by the death of Moreen to a fever.

Boann broke off her betrothal when it became obvious her mother needed constant care. She learned to hunt for their food, there just wasn't enough time to continue tending the farm on her own. Her mother wasted away with grief over the loss of her husband and youngest child. Boann found she inherited her parents talent for fighting and especially her mother's skill with a bow. Selling the farm and setting her mother up in a small house in Divinity's Reach, Boann left to search for her own destiny. Because of her appearance, it was difficult to find work as a sellsword and a mercenary. Few men took her seriously and times were difficult.

For a short time she thought she had found a permenant position as a guard in a minor nobleman's house, but found that she was only hired because she had caught the lord's son's eye. She shyly, but firmly rebuked him. When his advances became aggressive, she cut them short the sharp end of her knife in the man's throat. The spurned noble angrily tossed her from the house. This has made her a bit skittish of men who approach her in a romantic manner.

How Boann joined the CartelEdit

During a stint as a caravan guard, she found herself working with a group of close-knit fighters who seems to almost understand each other thoughts. The caravan was ambushed by a group of separatists, and fighting along side them she admired their skills and courage in the face of greater odds. They too seemed to find her skill admirable and a Charr named Talbous Bronzeclaw mentioned that their employers could use someone of her talents. She agreed to meet their employer.

Talbous is now her garrison commander.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

  • Perma character death and character mutilation does not appeal but anything else is fair game. If something is to be pushed to extreme limits, I can do that, just lets talk OOC first.
  • Pushing the limits means understanding what and what my character will and will not do
  • Play along with RP Bounty on your head/my own head: yes
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  • Will submit to all In-character consequences of my RP actions: Yes!
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