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Player Details
Username Briah.1783
Timezone CST
The Basics
Profession Elementalist
Date of Birth
Gender Female
Race Human
Patron God Lyssa
The Spear
"Oh, you don't know who Erikah is? You must be new here."

Taking after her mother, Erikah is tiny in stature, standing at barely 5’1”. Most people tower over her and she looks miniscule next to a Norn. In addition to her delicate appearance, she has long wavy blonde hair that is often held back by a braided headband.She is fair skinned, with light freckles across her face, shoulders and back. She can be described a ‘doe eyed,’ having large round and innocent looking green eyes. She would appear very young, at only twenty years of age.

Among nobles, she is known for wearing extravagant or outlandish fashions, as she tries to stay ahead of the trends. She has a reputation for dressing somewhat scandalously, not the slightest bit shy when it comes to showing skin. She has a penchant for wearing bangled bracelets, inspired by an emerald studded bangle she inherited from her mother. A sure sign of nervousness is when she begins to figet or turn the bracelet on her wrist.As such, she has a preference for emerald jewelry and usually wears more of it than is practical.


Erikah can be considered by many as extremely naïve, not having much experience outside her sheltered world of manors and parties. She has a tendency to ask what many would consider outrageous questions ("The Grove? Is that some sort of tavern?"). One might think she was taught to put on an act to keep up with the pristine image of the innocent and charming noble daughter. She can be a downright awful liar when caught off guard though so you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s an act or not. She is very skilled in talking to people, having had the opportunity to witness both her father and mother’s silver tongues. It is when she is showing off this particular aptitude that most people are reminded of her father, the politician. She can be very good at working out deals and haggling when she knows what she is talking about. Although it may not seem so, she is quite witty and picks up on new skills quickly. When you look into her eyes, you can tell that the person you are speaking to is one of intelligence despite some of the things that may come out of her mouth.

Erikah has an excellent sense of humor and can be very funny, whether intentional or not. She has a habit of talking big and then not being able to back it up, perhaps for her own amusement or the amusement of others to watch her schemes unravel. Many would consider her playful in nature. She forgives others easily and rarely holds a grudge. Her biggest vice is her curiosity. If it becomes ensnared, she will usually keep asking questions until they are answered. This can be either annoying or easily manipulated, if played correctly. She also unfortunately loves to gossip and is excellent at remembering minute details about stories. She loves to talk and tell stories.

Having spent much of her time in isolation, she has a tendency to crave companionship. She won’t hesitate for a moment to ask for assistance, having been waited on hand and foot her entire life, though she is trying to break out of this bad habit. On the contrast, she can be stubborn and refuse help even when it is dreadfully obvious that she needs it. She can be rather conflicted when it comes to being independent or dependent on others as it's rather situational.

In terms of relationships, she has a rather distorted view of things thanks to her mother. Having been prepared essentially from birth to be a good mother and wife, she feels a strict sense of duty to act honorably for her soon to be husband. She is very reserved when it comes to courtship. Occasionally she will run her mouth and pretend otherwise but if actually confronted about it, she will run the opposite direction of an actual man interested in her.

Morality Erikah doesn’t mind lying (to the best of her ability), cheating or stealing to get the things she wants, the result of her spoiled upbringing. In general, she is not overly concerned with being a good person who does the right thing but instead of keeping up the image of being someone who does. Above all else, her family’s legacy is of ultimate importance to her and, if given the choice, she will do whatever is necessary to maintain or improve her dwindling family name.

MotivationErikah is currently primarily driven by several desires. A desire for freedom is directly contrasted with the constraints her social position and desire to meet expectations put on her. As she settles into her newer role a young woman in a complicated society, she will eventually determine what things she can live with or without. As it stands, she spends most of her effort on expanding her business, which she seems to be astute at, and maintaining the many relationships she has across the city.

Skill​s and Hobbies Erikah has had a wide variety of classes, ranging from domestic affairs to foreign. She didn’t particularly excel in her mathematics or science courses but public speaking and negotiating were stronger subjects. Perhaps unsurprisingly, her mother went through great effort to ensure her daughter developed beautiful penmanship, an essential skill for invitations and announcements. Through this process, it was discovered that she was actually quite good at drawing but her mother disliked the hobby so she never developed it past occasional sketches during particularly tedious or boring lessons. Her mother also encouraged her daughter to learn all of the traditional dances for evening balls and the piano for entertaining guests when the occasion struck. Neither of which were hobbies that she kept up with once her mother passed.

In addition to learning a domestic skillset, her mother insisted she learn about the art of healing. She was sent to study with an elderly woman who made a living as a midwife in the city. It was during this time her tutor discovered a small spark of ability with magic within Erikah. As a young girl, she begged to get lessons in magic but both parents expressly forbade it. Kept hidden from her parents, the two developed her limited skills manipulating water until the women’s untimely passing. Although Erikah is not a particularly gifted user, she was able to learn several healing tricks and develop her magical ability in a limited capacity.

Although not much of a reader, when forced to sit down and choose something, her reading choices tend to lean towards fictionalized stories instead of history and textbooks as her parents would have liked. Her favorite books were ones her father brought back from his travels depicting faraway lands and exotic people.

Character BackgroundEdit


High Society, Leader


She primarily makes her living as an event planner in Divinity's Reach.


Sincaid Ventus, Father The Ventus family has always been known for its affairs in the political realm. Naturally, Sincaid took up his father's mantle and became a noted advisor for the Queen after serving time in the military. He was stern and serious in nature. He had never liked frivolous things, not seeing the point in them. Growing up, he understood the pressure from his family to meet their expectations and he imtiated that in raising his own children. Or he would have. When he was a younger man, still only a soldier, he met a woman belonging to the Rae household. They had a small affair which produced his first child, Rahnzo. Sincaid was never told of the child and didn't learn about his bastard child until much later when the boy managed to get himself kicked out of the Rae household for stealing. Feeling pity for him, he offered Rahnzo a paying job as a guard, so long as he kept the secret of their relation quiet. Between the time of his affair and discovering Rahnzo, he'd met a woman he'd fallen in love with, married her, had Erikah and attained the life his family had expected of him. It didn't last long though as the woman fell gracely ill and passed away, leaving him a widow with a young child he wasn't equipped to take care of. The bitterness of losing his wife consumed him and he lost interest in his family, devoting more time to work and hiring help to primarily take care of his daughter.

Rahnzo Ventus, Half-Brother Erikah spent most of her life thinking she was an only child so upon discovering she had a brother, be it only half, she was estactic. The two have been working on their relationship, though it is still in its infancy. As she unravels his secrets, she becomes more uncertain of how close she wants to get to this long lost relative but for the sake of family, she is insistant upon at least trying to connect with him.

Early LifeEdit

Erikah’s early childhood would have considered ideal by many. Her father was a recognized and respected diplomat, the only heir to a small but well established noble family. Her father married young, to the disapproval of his parents, to a woman who was popular among the city but not born amongst a noble family. Together they had a daughter, which they named Erikah. For a time, their young family was full of life and envied by many.

As soon as she was able to, her mother had her enrolled in schooling to become a proper lady. She took singing, dancing, sewing, and of course practiced the finer arts of being a hostess and head of household. Her mother lectured her all of the time on the importance of running a well put together home and preparing to be a good wife for her eventual husband, which her parents would of course pick for her. Through this upraising, the will to become a respectable young woman was ingrained in Erikah so as to one day carry on her family legacy. Despite the lessons and lectures, Erikah and her mother were near inseparable and a great source of pride for Erikah’s father.

When Erikah was aged eight, her mother fell ill with sickness. Her father brought in every healer in the land but nothing seemed to improve her condition. Erikah stayed by her bedside and dutifully took care of her until she eventually passed. Even to this day, Erikah has a difficult time being around the sick and ailing for it brings back painful memories of this time with her mother.

After her passing, the dynamic of their family entirely changed. There were no more parties. She stopped attending most of her lessons. Her father adopted a more militant style of upbringing. Their home became a house which occasionally housed a father who was frequently away on business trips. It was a lonely adolescence.

As she neared her adulthood, she began to grow tired of the strict rules and lack of attention from her father. The first night she snuck out, she attended an event that her father had forbidden her from attending. It was liberating. It was exciting. It would quickly become a new ritual. Though she was caught many times in the beginning stages (causing guards to be hired to almost continually monitor her whereabouts) she got better at sneaking out.

In an attempt to rekindle some of the memories of her mother, she began to throw parties again and began to rebuild her family’s name among the social circles in the city. In the stages of her early adulthood now, her father has begun the process of arranging a marriage for her finally. Although not entirely enthused with the idea, she was committed to rebuilding her family’s once prestigious name.

How Erikah joined the CartelEdit

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

  • No limits.
  • Play along with RP Bounty on your head/my own head: Yes
  • Play an antagonist for your character or your plotline: Yes
  • Will play an NPC for your RP plotline: Yes
  • Will submit to all In-character consequences of my RP actions: Yes
  • Real-time RPed capture time: I have a habit of jumping around in continuity, I admit. Usually one day in real life will be one day in RP. If I jump back or forth however, I will inform you before we start, or clarify the order of events.

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