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Many years ago, the Wandering Asura, or the Wanderer came and devised a new philosophy for the Aekart Cartel. From his words were born the Ashenfold and from his technology, the Cartel reigned in the shadows of Tyria for years. However, as the Era of Fools proved, the Cartel had come to rely too much on its past and needed to forge a new future. Secretly, the Master of Shadow implemented a bold new technology that would replace the aging Multi-Intercommunication Matrix. On that night, communication for the organization changed forever.

Technology within the Cartel has for years been based on the creations of the wandering Asura. However, this led to a stagnation of the Cartel's ability to adapt to the oncoming changes once required by growing opposition. Over time this instance invested several members of the Cartel (including the Shadow) to invest in new ideas and reworking the dying infrastructure of the Cartel itself.

Now armed with new technologies, and aspirations to adapt further, the Cartel prepares itself for any obstacles it may face in the new Era.

Goshawk DeliveryEdit

A rookery exists within several Cartel properties across the lands of Tyria. The Hawks are caught in the wild and raised carefully within the confines of each Rookery which is then maintained by the Sects independently. A snow white hawk species with greyish secondary coloring is often used by members of the Spear, where as dark brown or black goshawks are often employed by the Crown. The third species is a bluish grey feathered bird with red eyes and is used by the Tome. Each Hawk is carefully trained and cared for and is usually assigned to a group with each Official, Legate and Master having their own bird.

The Hawks are capable of flying distant quickly and delivering messages efficiently. They are often used to also intercept messages from enemy birds couriers sometimes. In general Cartel Hawks are considered quite vicious and are not quick to obey orders from those not assigned to them.