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Mouvelian Calendar ConversionEdit


For the purpose of keeping proper time the guild will be following the simple rule of 1 day OOC ~ 1 day IC. This is done so we can properly date events for recording upon the guild timeline. Converting the real world months and days to the Mouvelian Calendar results in the following notation

Season Real-world Dates
Season of the Zephyr January 1 to March 31 (Day 1-90)
Season of the Phoenix

April 1st to June 29th (Day 91-180)

Season of the Scion June 30th to September 27th (Day 181-270)
Season of the Colossus September 28th to December 26th (Day 271-360)
Wintersday December 27th to 31st

Guild RP TimelineEdit

Year; Season, Day Event
1317 AE; Post-Purge Era The Five Masters except for the Master of Coin are slain in a blood bath perpetuated by the Shadow. This leads to the rise of new Masters and an increase of Family presence within the Cartel.
1324 AE Year of the truce between the High Legions of the Charr and the Kingdom of Kryta.

Season of the Scion, Day 214

Kekk of the Technologists Joins the Blade leading to Brandon's Syndicate beginning pogroms against the Cartel.
Season of the Scion, Day 230 The Cartel Joins in a warehouse outside Lion's Arch and moles are executed en masse by the Shadow as a message to possible Traitors.
1325 AE, Year of the Falling Ax and the Old Way
Season of the Zephyr, Day 60 The Syndicate attack Cartelites in the open in Lion's Arch pushing the war to ahead.
Season of the Phoenix, Day 125 The Fool announces himself to the Cartel via a letter.
Season of the Scion, Day 189 Inquest and Syndicate forces attack Cartel locations across Lion's Arch and assassinate Master Arslan of the Blade. Master Skell is killed in the uproar as an explosion wracks his townhouse and Master Zason of the Lore disappears mysteriously.
Season of the Scion, Day 196 Emergency Parley is called as the Lore falls into disarray as factions split among the Controllers and Watchers. The Shadow intervene when the Code of Entente is broken and chose Kitt as the new Master of Lore. Rragar Grimblade becomes Master of the Blade and Legaine is elected Master of the Coin. The Master of Shadow reveals himself to Mistress Jona and asks her to reinstate the ancient ritual of the Blood Hunt against the Fool.
Season of the Scion, Day 213 William son of Darius son of Dris appears and learns the Cartel has elected a Twelfth Council and the Old Way is happening once again. Defections from the Coin and Lore to the Voice also occur leading to the reformation of the Society Allegiance into the Crimson Court.
Season of the Scion, Day 220

The Voice gathers to elect new leadership and the Dark Auction begins as a means for Silverthorn Enterprises to recoup losses due to the Night of the Falling Ax.

Season of the Scion, Day 222 The Lore ousts asura Kitt and raises the Seeker, Sheavyr to power. During the ensuing Parley the Fool's agents strike at the heart of the Grand Library and steal several secret texts, once again illuminating the Sect's problems with security.
Season of the Scion, Day 237 (Guild Wars 2 Early Access Begins)
Season of the Scion, Day 241 Several events occur striking the Sects hard. Technology is stolen from the Blade, the Hunt is waylaid vastly en-route, the Coin looses contact with supporters in Lion's Arch as friendly Houses to the Voice disappear in Divinity's Reach.
Season of the Scion, Day 246 The Lore gathers materials to rebuild and re-establish the vaults leading to new innovations in magi-technology. The new defenses prove nearly impnenetrable in the future.
Season of the Scion, Day 251 Master Sheavyr of the Lore loses his position after it is discovered he sold his ally, Leona, into slavery to undo his codebreaker title. The ensuing vote sees the return of former Master Kitt and Serafina Ardente rise to the position of Mistress. The new established defenses of the Great Library prove tactically sound in preventing further fool agents from invading.

Earlier that day the Fool struck and blew up the Stone Citadel fortress of the Blade. However, the Blade was able to repel the initial invasion with Lord Master Rragar losing an arm in the process. The Battle resulted in the capture of one of the Fool's Agent, a member of the secretive Three or apprentices of Johan D"Robert, Ragnar Iron-Belly.

Season of the Scion, Day 253 Cartel unified forces assault a Inquest lab in Metrica province to regain technology sold to the corporatist Krewe by the Fool and stolen from the Blade. The expedition proves fruitful.
Season of the Scion, Day 256 Lord Toxa Vanschiver sends a letter to members of the Voice and the Coin declaring the coming age of accountability.
Season of the Scion, Day 257 Members of the Council of Masters and several Legates are press ganged by the Shadow into signing the Act's of Reformation. A document that dissolves the Five Sects into three new ones and re-establishes the Grandmaster Seat for the future. The event causes uproar in the Sects overall. The Shadow also reveals the new Network Information Matrix a replacement of the MiM and part of new technology using Lore designs. The Blade and Hunt combine to become the Spear Sect, the Lore becomes the Tome and the Coin combines with the Voice to become the Crown.
Season of the Scion, Day 258 The Three Sects assault Fool supplied forces, Syndicate placements and Inquest camps in the Brisban Wildlands. The ensuing battle sees the return of the lost Book of Masters. A team of Tome members enters the Mists under direction of Vexander and retrieves Lord Zason Eurus former Master of the Lore.
Late Season of the Scion 1325 AE - Era of Reformation
Seasion of the Scion, Day 266 Members of the Cartel investigate a gang battle between members of two unknown guilds. Cartel forces watch quietly and then leave while giving a warning they will not tolerate violence in the lands of Hoelbrak again to both parties. Members of one guild mention some group known as the Templars, that is all the Cartel knows.
Season of the Scion, Day 269 Kagen Asher of the Tome retrieves a weapon from the Mists known as Sythe Blade and gifts it to Lord Ivory Sheavyr of the Ivory Circle.
Season of the Colossus, Day 273 Lord Ivory Sheavyr orders the location of an item known as the Winged Soles of Dwayna. Member Ailhad encounters a ghost of a priestess of Dwayna near the Cathedral of Zephyrs in Orr and sets the entity free.
Season of the Colossus, Day 277 Members of the Spear raid a rum stash in Gendarren fields while saving Cartelite Boann.
Season of the Colossus, Day 283 Heir of House Vanschiver, Toxa Vanschiver, is mentioned in Divinity's Reach Tabloid.
Seasion of the Colossus, Day 285 The Tome completes its work on the Construct. The newly created entity comes to life.
Season of the Colossus, Day 286 Members of the Gang, Grenth's Envoy, are wiped out in a bloody massacre as the Cartel's power in the Reach reaches an all time low. Sheavyr of the Tome contacts the construct of the Grand Library for the first time and speaks with it at length.
Season of the Colossus, Day 288 The Spears establishes its training grounds in Nentor Valley in Lornar's Pass.
Season of the Colossus, Day 289 The Trust is formed and the Aekart Fall Occurs.Valiants of the Crown and other Crown agents become embroiled in Separatist issues in the city of Ebonhawke.
Season of the Colossus, Day 290 The Spear begins raiding enemy encampments to gain insight into technology and possible enemy factions. Kitt Master of Tomes steps down and the Council orders an Emergency Parley. After outsiders join the fray Tanqq is elected new Master of the Tome and rises to power after addressing the state of the Union.
Season of the Colossus, Day 297 Kagen Asher becomes Legate of the Obsidian Circle and begins his reign encouraging the increase of technology.
Season of the Colossus, Day 298 Cartel member Organdy of the Spear announces her wedding to Master Tanqq of the Tome. Bandit lords rise to Block the Spears attempts to return to Divinity's Reach, drugs go wrong for the Crown and the Tome finds it domain disrupted by the breaking of ancient seals. An alarm sounds as rumbles in the deep of the Grand Library announce the awakening of a long sealed Dragon Champion, the Devouring Cold.
Season of the Colossus, Day 304 Spears: Raam, Boann and Agrimony assault the Modniir camps within the Harathi Highlands. The small team assists Seraph efforts and eventually slays several chieftains and a warmaster.
Season of the Colossus, Day 305

Legate Sheavyr of the Ivory Circle announces new titles to bestow rank and reward upon members of his allegiance. Spear members Organdy, Valitt, Ziasia and Tamsyn Rin (non-Union) explored the Catacombs, encountering an infestation of gravelings and succeeded in killing the Howling King; however, the gravelings still have a hold on the area and will eventually merit a full-on attack.

Spear members Raam Azibo, Talbous Grimclaw, Agrimony Sahn and Jona Vjargharten travelled to Kessex Hills to deal with a Harathi centaur overlord who had been harrassing townspeople, murdering travelers and enslaving the local population. After a furious battle, the overlord and his underlings were soundly defeated. 

Season of the Colossus., Day 321 Legate Kagen Asher of the Obsidian Circle sends in a report on the Karka.
Season of the Colossus, Day 328 A colloquium is held by the Union to discuss aspects of technology when a strange man appears. Known as Leng Dai, the man begins to speak with the Union members present. Eventually he identifies himself as a deep cover agent on a group called the Sons of Rin. The Confessor and the Rat King (Gabriel Delmonte) speak to the man in private when he suddenly draws his knife and attacks them both. In the ensuing fight the assailant poisons himself, and Gabriel bashes the man's face in. In that same night the Master of Shadow (Gorr Warstaff) is assassinated by self-proclaimed members of the Sons of Rin. Before Leng dies however he screams "TRUTH SHALL COME".