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Heavy armour and pink ribbons are what this Asura is made of.
Player Details
Username DHDahlia
Timezone GMT-5
The Basics
Profession Guardian
Alias Orgddi is actually the real name given to her at birth. Organdy is just what she uses with bookahs.
Date of Birth
Gender Female
Race Asura
College College of Dynamics
Krewe N/A
The Chained
Allegiance The Bond of Blood
Tier Tier 1
Role Sworn Guard

Orgddi is on the shorter end of the small-statured Asuran spectrum, with a slender, toned build. Her posture is good; she doesn't slouch. It isn't obvious except to the studied eye, but her head is actually a smidge too small for her body, which in a way is to her advantage, because a smaller head can give the appearance of larger ears, and the larger the ears, the better, in the point of view of some Asura. She likes her blackish-brown hair kept about shoulder-length, but done up in twin buns, and tied with long pink ribbons. Her large wide-set dark brown eyes tend to give her a look of wonder. They are also her most expressive features, next to her ears. Even if she doesn't say a single word, her eyes tend to speak volumes. Myriad scars obtained through battles for survival -and clumsiness in general- can be found all over her white-and-dark-grey skin. A small turquoise tattoo directly below her navel resembles the lightning-in-a-circle Guardian Symbol of Wrath.


Eternal sunshine. Orgddi is optimistic, affectionate, loving, mostly docile, and outwardly innocent. She smiles more often than not, and laughs rarely, but when she does, it tends to be the contagious kind. On duty, she is alert as can be, and singularly focused on the job given her. Off duty, she can be prone to indolence, basking in the sun's warmth, just lounging around doing absolutely nothing.

Take care of me, and I will take care of you. That is the personal 'code' Orgddi lives by. All she really requires from her -true- Master is affection first and foremost, and food. She has no need or desire for power, money, fame, and glory. Higher ranks are not something she aspires to, but will most likely still naturally gain due to her diligent work ethic and abilities. Her loyalty lies with a single person, not a whole organization. The -one- individual she will consider her -true- Master is not necessarily the very first person to buy her, nor may it be her current owner. Until she has found her -true- Master, she will continue to obey whoever it is she currently belongs to. But once she has found her -true- Master, only a severe betrayal on his part (ex. physical abuse, perma-death) will cause her to break her Oath (freely given on her part) to that person. If her -true- Master commands her to turn against her current owner, she will do so without question. What does this mean for the guild? Say her -true- Master is loyal to the Cartel, and wholeheartedly backs its ideals, etc, etc. She will then adopt the exact same attitude. If her -true- Master changes his mind and decides to betray the Guild, so will she, and follow him to the end, whether it be rebellion, or just leaving in general.

Sticks and stones. Orgddi is proud to be an Asura, and proud of who and what she is in general, but can be seen as lacking of the usual arrogance members of her race are known to have. If an insult or slight is thrown her way, more often than not she will just ignore it completely. It's not that she didn't hear it, and it's not that she didn't understand it. It's just that almost all insults are inherently false in her opinion that her brain doesn't even bother to register them, much less respond to them. Similarly, any and all compliments are immediately accepted as truth, so she will most likely not verbally acknowledge most of them. Fights with fists or weapons are another matter. She is not one to take a beating lying down... even if her -true- Master ordered her to. There is a fine, but very distinct line between discipline and abuse in her mind, so the moment that limit is crossed, ally becomes enemy, and she -will- defend herself as best she is able. After any such incidents, she will never forget, and she may forgive, but not completely. She may not be the mightiest physically, but she isn't a fragile little flower, either. It is not impossible for her to hurt another person completely by accident, because she doesn't always know her own strength. Moreover, her single-minded desire to finish her objectives have allowed her at times to ignore pain, so that she only feels the brunt of it afterwards. The downfall of this was that it wasn't strange for her to just suddenly conk out right after meeting an especially strenuous objective, her entire body sore and vulnerable to further attack. Also, this is completely different from being hit for punishment, especially if she hadn't been given a task to accomplish beforehand; she feels every single blow then.

Destroyer. Both her parents were true creators, but Orgddi had always been more apt at taking things apart, by hand, or by whatever tools were at her disposal. It wasn't that she didn't have the knowledge or aptitude for inventing things; it was more that she lacked the desire or motivation to, unless the device was -absolutely- necessary for an urgent goal. She may not churn out the same volume of gizmos as other asura do, but whatever she makes will be efficient at what it's supposed to do, and only for that task, nothing else.

Hypersensitive ears? Perhaps it was caused by an incident way back in her early years that she could no longer recall, but Orgddi deeply dislikes extremely loud sudden noises, and anything (or anyone) that produces them. This includes thunder, explosions, firecrackers, pistols, and bombs. She will avoid situations that involve a lot of these, except when she is ordered to ignore them for the sake of a mission.

A lesser evil is still evil. Another thing Orgddi dislikes is getting wet, which means she will avoid being outside if it's raining, and she will avoid swimming, unless she absolutely has to. As for morality, she has yet to determine for herself if there is anything she would consider 'absolutely wrong' or 'absolutely right.'

Character BackgroundEdit


Owned by Tanqq


Protection of Tanqq and his inventions; some assistance with the creation and testing of said inventions; some heavy lifting


Grett, father, deceased; Dalli, mother, deceased

Early LifeEdit

Grett and Dalli were workaholics who had never really put too much thought into having offspring. At some point they had their first and only progeny, Orgddi. Though she hadn't been part of their original plan, once they had her, they loved her, and they made sure that she wanted for nothing.

She learned early on not to demand attention. They would give it when they felt like it, not before. When they were busy with their random tinkerings, she either watched them quietly, studying their movements, or found other ways to amuse herself. Under their offhanded guidance, she grew up adored, but not spoiled, and with a unique brand of independence.

The one who lavished affection on her the most was not related to her at all. He wasn't even the same race. Saks was a bookah clothier of massive proportions whose booming business was based largely in Divinity's Reach, though he enjoyed travelling all over the place by delivering his products to choice customers himself. At Rata Sum, Orgddi's parents were it. Whenever they needed threads or specific fabrics for some project or other, he was the one they made deals with.

The first time Saks saw Orgddi, he thought she was the most darling little thing ever, nothing at all like her prickly parents. As soon as the business end was done, he would beckon her over with 'bait' such as caramels, sugar cookies, and cinnamon pinwheels. At first he gave her small cloth dolls he made himself, but after several consecutive instances where he found out she had ripped it apart for some reason, he switched to toys of wood and stone instead.

Saks had never had children of his own. He had his share of women to bed with, but perhaps the disparity between his bulk and his chosen 'weapons' of scissors and needle with thread had yet to score him a permanent companion. Chances were that Orgddi wasn't the only youngster he treated like his own, but he was so good at making her feel special, there had never been reason to be jealous of any others 'out there.'

He always called her 'Organdy,' after the sheerest cotton cloth possible. Her parents didn't use it, but they didn't discourage it either, since they saw no negative effects from the continued association with the giant tailor. Orgddi could care less what name he used for her as long as he kept the special treats coming.

Saks' visits were like clockwork. Orgddi could tell the exact date and time when he would next arrive. One day, he missed that appointment. Then he still hadn't come for the next one. The same thing happened for the one after that. Finally it became clear that he wasn't going to come around anymore. He looked and acted younger than he actually was, but in the end old age crept up to him and claimed him.

Even after his death, Orgddi kept his moniker for her alive. Among fellow Asura she would use the name she had been given at birth. With bookah she introduced herself as 'Organdy.'

At some point when she got fed up with dealing with rain, she attempted her very first gadget with the goal of securing for herself her very own portable forever blue skies. How she had planned it to work was that it would change the weather directly above it to any type of the user's choosing (ex. sunny, windy, rainy, stormy, etc.), and the vertical area of effect was adjustable with a minimum radius of 1 mile. It didn't work quite like she had hoped, but it was the first time she had decided to invent something compeletely new for herself, and for a specific purpose, which in this case involved manipulating her surroundings to suit her taste better.

Aside from that very first one, there were very few other creations of hers that could be considered worth noting. She spent most of her time taking things apart instead of building, using whatever tools were at her disposal.

While she was scavenging for parts over at some corner of Metrica, she encountered a battle (more like a slaughter) between several stalkers against one pink moa. So fascinated was she by the impossible odds that she didn't realize another stalker had snuck up behind her, and was getting ready to pounce. Before it could, it found itself impaled on a greatsword, then flung carelessly aside by the next swing.

Orgddi looked up at the wielder, and had to look up again even further to see the face at the top of that pillar-like height. The sunlight shone right into her eyes, temporarily blinding her before she could see the face, but she thought for a moment that 'Ah! He's back!' But when her vision cleared and she was able to get a better view, she found that it was not the same man. It wasn't a man at all.

The female norn tacitly met her gaze, and time seemed to stop, if only for a few seconds.

The moa's terrified squawk broke their tableau, and the norn woman immediately launched into action again, slaying felines left and right until she was surrounded by their ebon corpses. At some point during the scuffle the bird escaped without a backwards glance, probably when the predators all at once decided to change targets, which led to their demise.

It wasn't the violence of it all that attracted her, but it suddenly hit Orgddi that at last she knew what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to learn how to wield weapons as well -or even better- than Bjarga did. The next time that she saw someone (or some creature) being cornered and helpless, she wanted to be able to do something. They got to talking, at which point Orgddi learned that her savior's name was Bjarga, and that Bjarga was willing to take her along on her travels, teaching her the way of Guardians.

First she went back home to grab some of her things, as well as seek her parents' permission. For the first time ever, her request wasn't met with indifference, but serious consideration. What had changed? The moments of silence seemed to stretch on forever.

If her father had said 'no' would she really have stayed behind? Somehow she felt this new desire of hers was different from all the others in the past -stronger somehow. She would never know the answer to that question, because he let her go, telling her only to do her best.

That was the last time she ever saw her parents. After a few years' journey, she received news that both of them had been killed in a laboratory 'accident.'

How Organdy joined the CartelEdit

An experiment gone haywire -in spite of all of the precise calculations, the statistical projections, the safeguard protocols and other precautions- took the lives of both of Orgddi's parents in one swift strike. It had actually been a somewhat quiet accident, completely lacking the booms and bangs that Orgddi always feared.

Only both their bodies were respectfully cremated did Orgddi learn of the massive debt they had accrued over the years, most of which were owed due to shady dealings with some organization she had never heard of before. Without any other means to pay back the amount, she followed the man who had come to collect, and thus began her life as one of the Bonded.

She was no stranger to obedience; she had revered her father, and as long as he lived and breathed, his word was law. If anything, now that she suddenly had no one telling her what to do, she was beginning to feel a little lost. Pride did not come into the picture; it wouldn't until the debt she inherited from her parents was completely wiped clean. But she knew, deep within, that unless she met someone she respected as much as she had her father, it was all shallow, hollow obeisance.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

  • No Perma-Death
  • Game for most anything else, but please PM me to discuss.
  • Play along with RP Bounty on your head/my own head: Yes
  • Play an antagonist for your character or your plotline: Yes
  • Will play an NPC for your RP plotline: Yes
  • Will submit to all In-character consequences of my RP actions: Yes (except Perma-Death)
  • Real-time RPed capture time: N/A