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"You are the one they call Fang-Walker, the mark of the blood is on ye. Honor to those walking with the mark of blood."

Titles are rewarded as marks of deeds, either admirable or shameful, that change the value of an individual's voting worth during Parleys and Votes of Honor.

Positive TitlesEdit

Positive grant extra merit to an individual's vote, though that extra power can be used only once during Parley.

Ex: Joe Average is Tier 3, but holds the title of "Scum Squisher" that gives him +2 to his vote. During a Parley, a vote is called against a Master and Joe votes for the Master again, using his title. This gives him a vote value of +5. Later, when his Legate is challenged, he votes in his or her favor. This time, his vote only counts for a value of +3, as he has already used his additional +2 points to vote for the Master.

Sect Given TitlesEdit

The Spear 'Weapon Dancer' Title, +2
Earned via the Rite of Prowess
'Dagger-Dancer' Title, +1
Earned via the Dagger Dance Rite
The Tome 'Riddler Title, +2
Earned via the Old Riddle Rite
'Quick Mind' Title, +1
Earned via the Riddle Game Rite
The Crown 'Under-Walker' title, +2
Earned via the Under-Walk Rite
'Name Tiral' Title, +1
Earned via the Patron Game Rite

Master Given TitlesEdit



Council Given TitlesEdit

Defender of the Cartel


Earned by a member who has righteously defended several members of the Cartel or members of the Council themselves.

Shadow Given TitlesEdit


+# equal to Tier #

Earned by a member who has learned to communicate with the Shadow and has done them ten favors.

Council Representative TitlesEdit



Appointed to the member that manages the Chained of the Cartel and all business involving the buying, selling, and bonding of slaves.



Appointed to the member that manages punishment within Ashenfold as well as investigations into Codebreaking and alleged misuse of the Code of Entente.



Appointed to the member that manages resource allocation, the creation of new business ventures, and internal trade within the three Sects.



Appointed to the memeber that acts as the public face of the Union and a political voice for the Union in various active circles within Tyria.



Appointed to the member that acts as an information gatherer and informat as well as the member that keeps constant tabs on the peers of the Cartel, both potential allies and potential enemies.