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The following is a list of the Powers of The Administrator. There are also limitations placed on these terms of powers.

Powers of The AdministratorEdit

The Administrator May do the following:

  • May set House Rules of Etiquette for Business within the Cartel (must follow the Code of Entente).
  • May call upon the Jade Ring to move and sell Illegal goods, the Court of Rats to deal drugs and swindle people, and the Obsidian Circle to produce drugs.
  • May call upon the Steel Ring to enforce the Code in concert with the Arbiter. And to move goods and items.
  • Coordinates and calls upon the Court of Rooks to establish trade deals, provide resources and business connections.
  • Sets basic prices of goods within the Cartel (does not apply to slaves).
  • May appoint members as Managers to oversee guild business and outfits.
  • May set base payments for the Sects with permission from the Sect Master.
  • Call Tribunals for Terms of Claimant representing the Cartel.

The Administrator May not do the following:

  • May not change business leadership established by the Crown.
  • May not redirect production by Sect purpose without Sect permission.
  • May not change prices that go against the will of a Master.
  • May not contradict Business orders of a Master or the Grandmaster.