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The following is a list of the Powers of The Council. There are also limitations placed on these terms of powers.

The Powers of the CouncilEdit

The Council may do the following

  • Remove and appoint the Grandmaster with a unanimous vote.
  • Direct and change the Cartel through as proposed by a Master or lower ranked Tier individual by majority Vote.
  • May exile a member by Majority Vote.
  • May Veto the actions of the Grandmaster, but not undo the Veto of the Grandmaster.
  • Act the ultimate Judicial Authority of the Cartel.
  • May propose changes to the Code of Entente to the Shadow for Consideration.
  • May establish and or disband Outfits / Territories.
  • May appoint and dismiss Administrators.
  • May Appoint and or Dismiss a Master with a Majority Vote including that of the Grandmaster.
  • May Appoint Legates with majority vote as see fit.
  • May direct and set goals for the Cartel.
  • Overturn a Master’s decision by majority Vote.
  • May order a Master to do something with Majority vote.
  • May issue edicts to direct overall Cartel direction and goals.
  • May appoint Council Representative positions (examples: Arbiter, Slavemaster) with good reason and dismiss them with proper evidence. When dismissing must provide an adequate reason and candidate.