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Sriin Knorejjd
Sriin avatar
The Madam
Player Details
Username SriinKnorei.3974
Timezone CST (-6 GMT)
The Basics
Profession Necromancer
Alias The Madam
Date of Birth Undisclosed
Gender Female
Race Norn
Spirit Raven
Homestead None
The Crown
Allegiance The Court of Rooks
Tier Tier 2
Role Entertainer (in name only)

Well-maintained and finely-dressed, hair bejeweled and elaborate, with a tastefully painted face. Elegant. She isn’t particularly tall for a Norn, and not especially muscle-bound, sporting a curvy figure and petite height, which by Human standards, is still quite tall. Her face is always fresh, and her skin pristine and perfect; perfect to the point of imperfection.

Ears triple pierced with long and thread-like jewelry that becomes part of her up-do. Hair sometimes gathered and bundled into what could be mistaken for ox-horns--typically when she is entertaining a guest of the Black Court. A small mole sits upon the top of her left cheek, just below her eyes, for a tear never shed.

She dresses herself well, perhaps too well for her perceived social station. Her hair is often done up in elaborate up-does, bejeweled and sculpted, the only semblance of Norn influence is in the braid-work that sits close to her skull and the fur mantels or feathered trim of her gowns. She takes great pride in her appearance, citing it to be a weapon as sharp and terrible as any blade. No matter what face she puts forth, she always dresses the part, and she dresses for style and affect.


Selfish. The Madam is as selfish as they come, with a penchant for causing havoc. She's known to be calm one moment, and violent the next. Once set off, she does not hold back, causing mass destruction in the wake of her fury. It is unknown what will cause her to lose her calm. She laughs in the face of insult, delights in the suffering of others, is mesmerized by violence and partakes of any experience at least once. She cares for no one, and it may be that she feels nothing at all.

Madam Knorejjd is a contradiction in terms--both cold, calculating and cruel, using learned behavior to come across as friendly and welcoming, preferring to lure people into a false sense of comfort around her. Although she is quick to anger, she hides her outrage well, striking when her offender is least aware. She is an opportunist, looking for any way to get ahead.

She poses as many faces, as many as she needs to meet her goals. She'll pose as a woman of negotiable affection, or play the part of a reputable merchant--all in the effort to bring people to her side, often with the intention of trapping them. What she seeks is largely a mystery and often seems to have no aim in particular but the exploration of her own pleasure.

Character BackgroundEdit

Sriin-norn midres

One of many of Madam Knorejjd's costumes.


None that she would speak to and she refuses to follow anyone in particular. She is always out for number one. As far as the game of politics is concerned, she prefers the old-fashioned way--physical intimidation and decimation. She has been known to give others leyway so long as she does not feel as though she is being interfered with, or undermined.


Madam Knorejjd, although calling herself 'retired,' still works out of a lavish private parlor on the top floor of the Night Leopard at the D'robert Chataeu, directing the nightly operations as Madam. The Madam also sees many private clients, making various house calls to the wealthy and powerful elite of Divinity's Reach.

As Madam, she trains girls (and sometimes boys) that come onto her service as courtesans. While subject to negotiating the terms of their affections, all are trained to their strengths; some as dancers, others as musicians and singers.


Makes no claims to family or the need of anyone. The only person that could be even construde as family is Tyrin Sei'kel, but that is a very stretched connection.

Early LifeEdit

The first mention of Miss Knorejjd comes as a descriptor in the year 1301 AE of a strange young woman, a Norn girl, wandering the streets of Lion's Arch, and another wayward Norn that approached her. It was clear that the two were strangers, but the man extended his kindness to her. He took her in, exposing her to his trade-secrets, intrigue and women. For those that know of her humble beginnings with the Cartel, it is little wonder where she learned her trade. Or where she learned to be so cold and cruel.

Pirates that called the sinful city home spoke tales of such an odd Norn woman whom blessed and betrayed them all in a single breath. A woman whom had been good for the business of plundering and ransacking (and sometimes pirate morale) yet unpredictable in her allegiance, turning her terrible magicks against friend and foe alike. Many sought to employ her but learned just as quickly to keep their distance.

'But not without cause,' said one such pirate-turned-merchant. 'I think the mistake there was thinking she was for the taking, too.
'I seen the woman clinging to the arm of an especially rough looking man. Like a child almost. They looked inseparable. He would smile at her and she would just look up at him with big, wide yellow eyes. Like a hungry wolf. I wondered if she wouldn't try to eat him just the same,' another recounts.
'Not real sure how the Norn girl got so lost she ended up here. Really, that's a hike. I remember she didn't speak much, like speaking was a chore. She learned though. That other Norn took real good care of her. Still there was something off about the both of them.
'Oh yes. It was terrible,' says a shopkeeper. 'The fire and the smoke. Those terrible hands and tendrils that erupted from the ground. It tore up the entire block as I recall. Those that dropped dead from the original explosion were torn apart by awful magic and reformed... into something else. It was an awful sight that I can never forget. Never upset a woman. Especially not that one.
'I'm pretty sure he stabbed her. I'm not sure how, but she was still smiling. She only laughed at him. I didn't see what happened after that, I high-tailed it out of there. The next time I saw that woman, she looked fine. More than fine, in fact,' says a local tavern-crawler. 'If you see her sometime, tell her I want a date.
'She sorta stopped hanging around. I mean she just disappeared. Gone. Sure she was nice enough to look at, but that woman was trouble. We'd had a streak of murders going on around the time she disappeared. I wonder now if she didn't get caught up in all that. Would be a shame.
'Tall. Pale. Intimidating. You're really not narrowing it down any,' complains a tavern keeper. 'All them Norn look alike, I tell you. Woman? Ah. Hmm. Yeah, I guess we don't get that many around here. Sure, she's back. I heard she'd been sacrificing children to Jormag in the far Shiverpeaks. No, come on, I don't actually believe that.
'Odd place for a Norn, a bath house,' a shifty-eyed patron noted. 'Ask for her, though. You won't live to regret it!
‘They’re always throwing fancy parties, or carnivals. I’ve seen her there, lounging overhead, overlooking the merriment. Never seen her dance, though. Seen her disappear a few times during the festivities. I wonder what she gets up to,’ says a courtier.

How Sriin Knorejjd joined the CartelEdit

Within the past year, Madame Knorejjd had insinuated herself, quite by accident (or so she claims) into the business territories of the Cartel. At first she seemed to be a woman of no importance, working as an escort at the then-Archer's Bath Service. With modest success and popularity, she climbed the ranks, often steamrolling over other girls on her way to the top. What was especially peculiar was her ability to lure patrons into a sense of complacency and ease, becoming whatever her current purchaser required her to be. Whatever the task set before her, she prevailed.

Eventually those of the political arm took notice of her chameleon-like ruthlessness. Coupled with the violent and bloody rumors of her leisure activities, the then-Black Court gave her what they perceived as a new and more appropriate purpose. In her new role as an interrogator, she took great pride in her ability to squeeze and ply information from the confessed, or cause their prolonged and agonizing suffering. All of it done with a cruel and terrible smile. They gave her a new name, Madam Knorejjd.

For those that were of political significance, Sriin was deployed to seduce, lure or intimidate targets into giving their support, exacting favors that would one day be repaid. Those that failed to pay were never heard from again, after the Black Court had extended its hospitality. All of the Madam's outside operations, of course, being no more than rumor and conjecture.

Madam Knorejjd now considers herself retired, and talks nothing of Union politics or what work she may have been involved in for the Cartel--and lucky for her, very few ask. She works out of a lavish private parlor on the top floor of the Night Leopard at the D'robert Chataeu, directing the nightly operations as Madam. The Madam also sees many private clients, making various house calls to the wealthy and powerful elite of Divinity's Reach.

Roleplay PreferencesEdit

OOC Limits

  • No ERP (ever)
  • Mature themes OK. Violent and darker themes acceptable. 'Adult' themed content will be discussed OOCly prior to engagement and will only ever be a 'let's not, but say we did' scenario for sexualized content. Any torture or graphic violence will need to be OK'd for all parties involved.
  • No permadeath. I typically only RP one, maybe two characters. I am not down with my only source of RP being killed off unless I plan to leave the game. Assassination attempts, mysterious disappearances that end up with the character being out-of-play for a reasonable duration all up for discussion. Must be a plot-driving device.
  • No Rape RP
  • No romantic relationship RP
  • Play along with RP Bounty on your head/my own head: Yes
  • Play an antagonist for your character or your plotline: Yes
  • Will play an NPC for your RP plotline: Yes
  • Will submit to all In-character consequences of my RP actions: Yes
  • Real-time RPed capture time: five-days real-time