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The Chained Edit

"Through the bond we are enslaved, through our chains we earn freedom."

Once known as the Bonded, the slaves of the Cartel changed much since what has come to be called the Reformation. Within the Cartel the Chained serve as the downtrodden workers and the bound performers. Unpaid and rarely respected in full, they are the silent muscle that allows the Cartel to survive in the hardest of times. Even though they are seen as lesser, some of the truest heroes of the Ashenfold were once accounted among the Chained.

Strengths The Chained are perhaps in the worst position when it comes to power within the Cartel, however they do have one indisputable strength and that being no one cares if they are there. Slaves, although they are not likely to know everything, are often privy to whatever their owner's know through sheer presence. They are also quite afforded quite a bit of freedom which allows them to cross lines often ignored by other Sects.

Weakness Chained are at the beck and call of their owners and this places them in a very precarious position. Even if they are skilled individuals or honorable warriors, the Chained are required to respect and follow the orders of those that own their debt without question. In this regard they are perhaps one of the weakest of the Sects.

Owning a SlaveEdit

Playing the owner of a Chained character is a large responsibility, and before simply purchasing one or discussing owning one consider the following:

  • Do you have the time to provide the slave character with direction and the "director" or dominant factor? Meaning can you give them a basis for what to do.
  • If you can't can you help them find a basis if you don't always have the time. Such as giving them a job, or speaking to another Cartelite to employ them.
  • Are you aware of their limits? Are they aware of yours?
  • Do they have their character biography approved? Do you?

Also consider:

  • Slaves are not robots, do not restrict them to a specific area if the slave is a main or even an alt, this ruins RP for the slave player.
  • Slaves are their own person and can live their own life, restricting every aspect of their being is both unfiar and significantly limits RP for both parties.
  • Mix things up, and speak to the other player involved to keep RP fun.

​Slave and Owner EtiquetteEdit

The general etiquette for a slave is as follows: slaves are not allowed to show disrespect to Cartelites of Tier 2 or higher (doing so will result in punishment. Note: feel free to be rebellious though!). All actions of the slave are the responsibility of the owner. Chained are allowed to mock Recruits and non-Cartelites as even they rank higher than outsiders (though probably not best to do this if you are attending a negotiation). Chained are allowed and even encouraged to have jobs, though their pay goes towards their bond or to their owner.

Ownership RulesEdit

  1. All OOC Limits and consent must be given by all parties.
  2. An owner may have only two slaves at a time. You may share slaves (increasing the total with 2 per person). However, we ask that slaves be given a chance to find owners without slaves to better balances out the system.
  3. All slaves initiated into the Cartel will start as property of the Crown Sect, they will then be auctioned or sold off to prospective owners when the slave player feels comfortable. All sales go through the slavemaster.
  4. Slaves may only be bought by characters with approved biographies, and slaves may only be bought after their biography has been approved.

Basic Slave EtiquetteEdit

  1. Slaves within the Cartel are to be openly marked somehow as to who owns them. This can be wearing their owners badge, tattoing or wearing the brand.
  2. Slaves must refer to all of those above their station as either "Sir" or "Miss", not to do so is a sign of disrespect.