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The Spear Edit

"Through military might, industry and skill we shall prevail!"

The Spear was born out of the entwined hatred once held between the Hunt and Blade Sects. Forged into a new faction within the Cartel, the Spear exudes independence while still seeking strength in regimented industry. Within the Cartel, they are the military fist, the enforcers of Cartel Law, and the producers of Cartel weapons. They are contractors, adventurers, and thieves who scour Tyria to build legends while their smiths work to perfect weaponry as an art.

Strengths Spears excel in martial prowess and industrial innovation. They are not necessarily academics or gifted with a silver tongue as they focus on action, rather than words. As a Sect, the Spear provides the key Cartel dominion of defense and enforcement, while also acting as the Cartel's main producing Arm. Along with Contractor work, they provide massive income for the Cartel over all.

Weakness The Spear, because of its tumultuous past, still sees open disagreement within its own ranks from time to time. The disciplined, yet freedom loving natures of the Sect cause it to sometimes come to blows. Their love of industry and contractor work has also led to them being one of the least diplomatic of the three Sects.

Tier 2 RolesEdit

Members within the Spear who have yet proven their worth, or aging veterans seeking retirement.

The Steel Ring Tier 2 Roles

Tracker A member who is trained or has shown skills in reconnaissance, tracking, or guiding others, and or hunting down fugitives. Trackers are adventurers, thrillseekers and quick footed individuals who use their skills to provide intel or complete long range jobs for the Cartel. Trackers may be employed to work as tracking fugitives, hunting down a large monster, or leading an expedition into the deepest dungeons for glory and treasure.. From treasure hunters to legend makers, the Tracker is the light footed recon agent of the Steel Ring
Militia A member who has shown proficiency in martial skill, combat ability and providing decent fighting skills when on the job. Militia are the corp grunds of the Steel Rings mercenary and security operations. They are the front line and are often employed as bodyguards, bouncers, caravan guards and much more. Within the Cartel when the Union goes to war they call upon the militia. When muscle and skill in combat are needed the militiamen and women team up to provide adequate defense for Cartel operations.
Outrider A member who has shown aptitude for logistics and communications movement. Outriders are often the men and women who assert control over setting up camps, delivering messages, overseeing the movement of goods, and or locating resources. They are often skilled traders and diplomats as they are often placed in charge providing supplies for Cartel functions and fighting efforts. Outriders often work in tandem with members of the Court of Rooks in moving trade goods that the Court’s traders wish to sell to a customer.
Bombardier A member who has shown skill in the usage of mechanical weapons, battlefield demolition, explosives and engineering. Bombardiers are the field specialists of the Cartel who focus on not only building things for the Cartel, but employing the heavier and more often experimental weaponry developed by the Tinkers and Testers of the Tome. As members of the Cartel Bombardiers are often employed as not only builders, but battlefield smiths and workers. In some cases it is they who not only test, but build the weapons designed by the more inventive members of the Cartel.

The Jade Ring Tier 2 Roles

Cutpurse A member who has shown skill in thievery, purse snatching, eluding authorities and planning heists to lift items from the their marks. Cutpurses make up the lower rung members of the brotherhood of thieves and burglars. They represent those who work small time jobs, or are generally assigned to teams by more experienced trusted larcenists. Members who are often employed to steal items when evidence is to be kept to a minimum, they are often teamed up with members of the Court of Rats to accomplish their jobs. Cutpurses often also perform as look outs, and recon for the gangs or teams they work with in the streets.
Bandit A member who has shown a complete lack of care for the law, or a general dislike for authorities in general. From highway robbers, to reavers sailing the high seas, bandits represent the Cartel's connections with pirates and criminals across Tyria. A generally open job for the Cartel, Bandits are often employed in hijacking, reaving, and fighting other gangs that move against the Union. Bandits are generally skilled individuals in a variety of combat styles and are often considered the less moral bound mirror to the Milita.
Smuggler A member who employs their skills as a mover of illegal items, sells stolen items, or in general loves going beyond the law to make a profit. They are the illegal counter to the Outrider and it is often Smugglers who provide the weapons necessary for Cartel assassins or Agents to deal with loose ends. Smugglers are in general also employed to move individuals beyond borders including breaking people out of confinement. It is usually a team of Smugglers who breaks fellow members of the Cartel out of Jail and is often a Smuggler who moves a slave past security checks on the Lion Road.
Hitter A member who is employed as a low-level assassin or contract killer by the Cartel or their clients. Hitters often associate themselves into a more technical role as those who lay traps, snipe the target, or organize the death squads that take them out. Hitters are still lower rung members, in the Cartel run gangs they are those still seeking to gain recognition for their skill and are often employed in minor clean up details as a means to see if they are worth greater recognition.


Tier 3 RolesEdit

Members who have proven their skill and ability in the fields of industry, battle or acquisition.

The Steel Ring Tier 3 Roles

Huntsman A member who has shown not only excelling skill in tracking, but also taking down targets in a proficient manner. Huntsman are the pack leaders and handlers of contracts dealing with fugitives, taking out monstrous creatures, and leading dangerous expeditions. Having expanded from simple grunt, they have grown to become a team leader who can be trusted to not only lead, but train newcomers. Huntsman often assist the other Sects in everything from to tracking runaway slaves, guiding expeditions into the deepest dungeons, or raiding tombs for treasure.
Brigadier A member who has proven themselves above the dregs and grunts of the Militia and has proven themselves able to command in the battlefield. Brigadiers are often employed as not only squad leaders, but are often used to organize the Cartel's greater military when called to war. Brigadiers often represent some of the most skilled fighters and respect members of the Steel Ring. Their secondary charge also includes as acting as leaders in enforcing the Code of Entente, overseeing Cartel security contracts, and acting as mercenary leaders for the Cartel abroad.
Herald A member who has shown increased organization, fleet footedness and diplomacy. Heralds are the leads in delivery of packages, movement of supplies and goods. A Herald will often employ their skills in the field providing support and backing for members of the Milita, battlefield engineers and help direct the efforts of Trackers and Huntsman. They are effectively the Steel Ring's logistics technicians and organizers, often working in tandem with members of the other Sects to push through Cartel missions and efforts.
Wrecker A member who having proven their ability in demolition, battlefield engineering and technology has strived to become a leader in their field. Wreckers provide the bulwark of Steel Ring missions providing heavy cover fire, and technical application in finding solutions to problems presented when in combat. They are the Steel Ring's fixers and problem solvers. Often working with members of the Tome and Crown to provide better defenses, build new additions and reinforce what is already their. In other cases they are project leaders and headers in improvements to Cartel infrastructure and production overall.

The Jade Ring Tier 3 Roles

Larcenist A member who came to show that their skills as a thief, pickpocket and general street runner are more than meets the eye. Larcenists do not just join teams for high end heists, they assign and lead the heists often themselves. In the world of criminals, They are often skilled in various lock picking techniques, safe cracking, defeating security systems and much more. In the Cartel Larcenists are considered masters of sleight of hand and often work along with con men and swindlers to trick marks. The one thing a Larcenists and their teams will not do is kill. To a thief, to the true skill is removing the goods without killing or leaving a trace one was ever there.
Outlaw A member who has shown a propensity for raiding on the high seas or sacking targets on land. Outlaws are a step above Bandits in their work as not only brigands and hijackers, but their work as gang members in the streets of the cities of Tyria. Skilled in various forms of combat from the magical to martial, the one thing that links them is a complete disregard for authority and the ramifications of their actions. From pirates, Charr renegades to crazy Sylvari nightmare raiders, the Outlaw is leader of Bandits and field lieutenant to the Legate of the Jade Ring.
Bootlegger A member who acts as the counter to the Herald, the Bootlegger is a high level fence and mover of hot goods. Bootleggers are often considered a bit more reckless than others in the Jade Ring. They are not only masters as breaking blockades and sneaking past authorities, but also breaking friends out of Jail. THeir skills have landed them not only a promotion but increased responsibility as they are often the Jade Ring Legate's right hand in moving drugs, stolen wares, while also negotiating deals along with members of the Court of Rats.
Cleaner A member whose skill and ability has earned them a measure of fear within the Cartel. Much like the Inquisitors, the Cleaner is often seen with a quiet glance of weariness for they are the leaders of Cartel death squads. Killers for hire and trained in removing traces of loose ends, and the are considered highly professional technical artists in ending life. As a counter to the bombardier they are the ones who often head the creation of death chambers, deadly traps, and missions including various assassination artists. When the Scarlet Agent needs assistance, it is the Cleaner who brings in silent knives and the snipers to take down the mark.


Tier 4 RolesEdit

Members who have risen to the rank of Legate and have advanced their responsibilities within the Spear to include leading their chosen Allegiances.

The Steel Ring Tier 4 Roles

Warden A member who has risen to take the rank of Legate, and lead the Steel Ring in the old tradition of the former Svartholm Allegiance. They are the leader of treasure expeditions and exploration to advance a sense that the Cartel can conquer the world. Warden’s often work alongside the Administrator and the Slavemaster, providing tracking for runaway slaves, and locating materials for business. They charged with handing out assignments for the Steel and often lead the effort in fighting great monsters and criminals.
Commander A member who has been promoted to Legate for their skill as battle generals and leading the Steel Ring in combat. Commanders are often one of the Cartels most proficient fighters and generally respected for their ability in martial prowess. When a Commander reigns as Legate the Steel is more like an army with each Official assigned a specific position and purpose. The Commander acts as the Cartel’s primary enforcer of the Cartel Law and often work personally with the Arbiter in the keeping the Code and the Enten Tenets.
Quartermaster A member who after showing their technical skills in logistics has become Legate of the Steel Ring. As the Legate, the Quartermaster runs the Steel Ring with the efficiency and economical mindness. Things become more a business as the Quartermaster tends to focus more on moving supplies and trade for the Crown and products made by the Tome. Along the Court of Rooks and the Ivory Circle, the Quartermaster can come to form a Trade Triad that empowers the Cartel and the Administrator.
Demolitionist A member who has rise above the rest and claimed the rank of Legate. The Demolisher rather than what their name states builds just as much as they destroy. Their skill as production managers, battlefield siege operators see them become the Cartel’s primary managers in large scale combat. When the Union wars in the Mists it is the Demolitionist who leads the way along with Tome provided Templar and Crown trade backing.

The Jade Ring Tier 4 Roles

Highwayman A member who has become Legate of the Jade Ring, coming to form a true brotherhood of thieves within the Cartel. The Highwayman unlike the Shotcaller is a quiet stealthy individual who rules the Jade through thoughtful consideration and planning. They assign jobs and contracts carefully giving only their best people the most dangerous jobs because they know it can be done. HIghwayman are perhaps the most honorable among the thieves (if that can be said) as they often see collateral damage as an unnecessary thing when one is out there to show how good they are at stealing from a mark.
Marauder A member who has risen to be lord of bandits and outlaws as a LEgate. They are a mercenary leader without consideration for those usually in their employ and those around them. The Marauder is for all intents and purposes the mob leader of the jade ring. They might be a pirate captain or simply a bandit street captain. No matter what when the Shotcaller reigns the Jade becomes the ancient Jade Ring Triad of old. Along with the Mobster and the Conservator they form a true criminal syndicate within the Cartel. Marauder are often skilled fighters with a sense of abandon and usually disregard any sense of etiquette when fighting.
Breaker A member who has been promoted to Legate and risen to raise a smuggling ring within the Jade. They are masterminders of not only moving drugs, stolen items, but breaking the most difficult security to save high level targets and challenge the toughest dungeons. Breakers are fast talkers and even faster had appraising stolen good given to them. They are often clean compared to those they move for, but they aren’t above testing product when necessary. From drugs to illegal weapons, the Breaker rules the jade Ring as any Cartel truly would rule rackets as a syndicate found anywhere in Tyria.
Specialist A member who heads the Cartel’s activities in assassination contracts, and has risen to the rank of Legate through their sheer cold tenacity. The Specialist can be considered the technical killing machine that counters the demolition and engineering mindedness of the Demolitionist. They are often called in to lead the death squads on the highest of loose ends, and often work alongside the Arbiter in silence those who might threaten the Cartel on the outside. They often train Scarlet agents in various killing techniques as the Faceless teaches them the power of switching identities. And they are often charge with heading Cartel cleaning operations when things go wrong.


Master of the SpearEdit

Known as the Spear Master, or Master of Spears, they are charged with leading the Cartel's military in battle, and overseeing contractor work within Cartel Territories. As the leader of the Spear, the Master rules through a mixture of constant judgement and iron-fisted reprimand. The Spear Master must not only be able to know the Entente Tenets well, but must also be a fair judge of those who break them. For this reason, those walking the Path of Spears often find themselves in a balancing act between arbiter and tyrant.