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The Tome Edit

"Information is the root of knowledge, knowledge is the root of wisdom, wisdom is the root of power."

They were those most hit hard by the tactics used by the enemies of the Cartel during the Era of Fools, now they adapted to the new Era. Once known as the Lore, the Tome is the Cartel's arcane and magi-technological arm. Focused on innovation and expansion of their ability to analyze threats to the Cartel, drawing on a wide variety of esoteric sources of intelligence.

The Science of Exploration The Tome is, at its heart a collection of the bright, the inquisitive and the fearless. It's academics fathom the greatest heights of invention and it's explorers delve the darkest of the worlds many forgotten places in the name of knowledge. In the field of techno-arcana and 'spelunking' the Tome is unparalleled in it's ability to deploy; swiftly and cohesively, experts as well as expert assistance to potential sites all over Tyria. Weather Tome scholars and adventurers are required smuggle themselves across contested borders, brave exotic and deadly fauna or 'liberate' artifacts from the wrong hands their agents train relentlessly for the task.

The Art of Discovery The Tome is also however a collection of bright, inquisitive and fearless individuals and in the past 'debates' regarding the relative values of discoveries, methodologies or project goals have prevented prompt action being taken with disastrous results. There is at it's heart a fundamental cognitive dissonance, posses the agile mind of the questioner and never cease inquiring into the unknown, and be cautious about going too far too fast without proper preparation and due research. Striking the balance has vexed some of the finest minds in Tyria, but the Tome is no stranger to experimenting, and with each new Legate the Tome adapts, its minds forever standing on the edge of the abyss staring brazenly into the depths.

Allegiances of the Tome are seekers of knowledge and keepers of wisdom. They obey the Entente Tenets are always seeking to innovate for the future.

The Obsidian CircleEdit

"We walk the empty places."

Born from the union of the Watchers and Controllers Allegiances, the Obsidian Circle was named in honor of the ancient Black Circle, a cadre of casters dedicated to fighting rogue magics in Tyria. A darker undertone still exists within the Allegiance as the quiet esoteric study once inherent in both the former Allegiances that contributed to its creation. Though they still hold the quiet observance and controlling nature of their predecessors the Obsidian Circle has set a new path for itself within the Cartel. No longer are they tied to the restrictions or obsession of the Inquisition or always follow the quiet nature of the Watchers. Charged with not only holding and supporting the line against threats.


At the core of the Obsidian Circle is the need for understanding about what threaten's the Cartel. Their desire for innovation is in many ways a reaction to their violent past and for this reason they often strive to better Cartel defenses when possible. The Black Exchange has led to a dark undertone to strike the Allegiance, drug creation, testing and much more stalk the Glassbound.

Members of the the circle often call themselves Glassbound as a mark of their surrealistic nature.


Members of the Obsidian Circle identify themselves by wearing dark almost black shades of Red. This darker color is a reflection that they see themselves as the darker, but quiet defender of the Cartel when it comes to the strange and magical.


Many of the Glassbound find themselves in league with various individuals when it comes to business. Because of their interest in the Mists, the Obsidian Circle often supports or even heads expeditions into the astral realm. In other cases they are inventing and working with various fields to produce new items used by the Cartel at large. 

The Ivory CircleEdit

"You can never know when that book will come in handy!"

They were once called the Seekers and even though that name is gone, their desire for seeking knowledge still remains. If the Obsidian Circle is the exploring, technological, arcane guard of the Tome, then the Ivory is its healing hand. This duality once inherent to the bickering found in the Lore has produced a much more cohesive and unified sense every since the act of Reformation. Now they set their eyes on the future exploring as much lost knowledge as possible while increasing their understanding of technology and medicine.


The Ivory Circle has a fairly egalitarian culture based on the pursuit of knowledge and discovering new things. Because of their less militant nature, they are often charged with expanding the libraries of the Cartel and acting as keepers of its history. For this reason they are charged with teaching others in the Cartel the basics Cartel life and knowledge. This new charge has often left members wondering what they can do to further their understanding to prevent the mistakes of the past.

Members of the Ivory circle call themselves Ivorybound.


As the inheritors of the work of the Seekers, the Ivory Circle prefer to identify themselves with various shades of red or orange. Wearing colors openly is considered a formal affair, while wearing anything green is still seen as somewhat distasteful (former dislike of the dead Voice sect still hold sway in the Tome). For this reason it is not unheard of for members to only wear read specifically during meetings or when in the presence of other Cartelites only.


The workings of the Ivory Circle have evolved over the years and with the additions of alchemy and even religious keepers in the fold, the Circle has many avenues to explore. For this reason it is not uncommon for members of the Court to work with the Crown in charitable notions or even setting up clinics for the sick. In other cases they may fund academies or even run one to teach people in a local community. Sky is the limit with in the Circle as the Ivorybound consider themselves to be a versatile and adapt Allegiance ready for anything that can be thrown at them.